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Victorian Fires

Sirens – wave upon wave, scream past. Must be fire. Big. And close.  I’m giving thirsty plants a drink.  40 degrees again. I take in the washing and moments later when I open the door to go out again – SMOKE. Thick and so much. My husband has hooked up two hoses at the ready. He looks up the emergency website. There have been two warnings for our estate. Two fires  nearby. 22 appliances sent to one.  Both are controlled quickly. The cool change sweeps in, collects up heat and smoke and clears them away over the next fifteen to thirty minutes.

That was yesterday 9/2/14 in the suburbs. Our community was lucky. Not so,  many others. (I truly weep for them)  Numerous houses, buildings, much vegetation – gone.  So hard and the memories of Black Saturday still so haunting.  And then, the poor creatures, domestic and wild. Horrible and terrifying for them. Cruel.

The fire fighters are amazing. We can’t be grateful enough to these dedicated people and the organisation must be excellent. So many fires – some huge – but no lives lost.

This relentlessly hot and dry Summer has left us all vulnerable. Our experience yesterday turned out to minor. But it’s message has hit home. Great work by the emergency services. We were lucky.

Gaytana Adorna