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Radio Pleasures (2)

Radio Pleasures – Some More

It’s always a delight to talk with Robert Rabbin. He walks the ‘high wire’ net free. In any sentence he can range from playful through ironic/self-deprecating to thoughtful and earnest. No bull, no mask. The man lives what he teaches: he is authentic, open, vulnerable and passionate about many things, including helping others to free themselves to live and be truly, joyously, who they are.

In March 2009 I interviewed him about his E-book Sound Bites From Silence (downloadable from his website www.robertrabbin.com) The hour sped by and I read a Sound Bite (a brief prose poem about/invocation to enter Silence/Meditation). Robert asked me to turn the work into an audiobook. Yes, I was remunerated for my professional work; but that’s not why I’m writing about him or the book.

I worked with a friend – Kenny Layhe, sound engineer extraordinaire, brilliant collaborator, delightful colleague to work with and much more. When we had a version ready for Robert to listen to and critique I contacted him. Robert said he would accept what we gave him – version unheard! An honour, humbling and scary.  Kenny and I had various people listen and give us feedback, before delivering the final version.

Then because Sound Bites From Silence is so important to him, Robert made the audiobook a free download for the first few months. It’s now $9.95 from his website. He’s just not doing it for the money.  Good man.

Robert, Kenny, my dear friend Shirley Randles (Write Now 88.3FM Thursdays 7-8pm)  and I discussed the making of the audiobook on my programme The Best Medicine (88.3FM Tuesdays 11am-noon, also streaming on www.southernfm.com.au) in December ’09. I’ll be replaying the programme soon.

You can find out more about Robert, his books, many articles, work and much more at:    www.robertrabbin.com.

Kenny Layhe can be contacted at:   klayhe@mac.com

Happy New Year and may it be a good, healthful, productive and happy one for you.